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Why you might think of laminate flooring differently than before

Walk into a flooring store and you’ll be overwhelmed by all the colors, species and textures available with laminate floors.

At The Floor Source, we’re all about providing you with the most exceptional experience.

We have decades of experience and know that flooring is a big, if not the biggest, investment in your home, so you want to get it right the first time. It's also an expression of your style, so we will speak to you extensively to learn about your taste, preferences, and lifestyle to match you up with the best flooring for you. There's a lot to choose from and, as a laminate retailer, we’ll guide you through the process.

When you hire us, you get a team of experts who will walk you through your new flooring endeavor from planning to purchase to installation, and we use only the most cutting edge, innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Visit us in our showroom in Woods Cross, Utah. We also serve Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Centerville and Davis County. Be sure to ask about our quotes.
Modern laminate flooring in Woods Cross, UT from The Floor Source

Stylish savings

If you still have the images of laminate flooring from decades past, disregard them.

Although it’s budget-friendly, this product looks amazingly like the real thing: wood, tile or stone. You can get it cut in tile-sized pieces, planks or buy it in sheets. Some people feel the seams with cuts give it a more realistic look and others go even further by using grout with the tiled pieces.

Embossing gives it added depth and dimension, with texturing that includes wire-brushing, hand-scraping or weathered and distressed woods.

It comes in matte or gloss finishes.


This is a layered product. The top sheet is a clear one, coated with aluminum oxide (the superman of strength) that protects the floors from scratches and scuffs. Stains sit at the top and can be easily wiped off.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy care. Sweep frequently and for a more thorough cleaning, mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.
  • Simple installation. With few exceptions, it can be placed over existing subfloors. The methods are either glue down or click-and-lock. Laminate installation is do-it-yourself friendly.

Please note that although highly water-resistant, laminate is created from wood by products, and wood can be damaged by water. However, when installed correctly with the boards being very tight and close to one another, it is almost waterproof.